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About Virtual Smart Structures & Dynamics Laboratory

Welcome to Virtual Smart Structures and Dynamics Laboratory (VSSDL). This laboratory provides platform to inquisitive students to perform basic experiments related to smart structures and structural dynamics, either remotely or through simulation.

A smart structure is defined as a structural system having built-in or intrinsic sensors, actuators and control mechanism whereby it is capable of sensing a stimulus, responding to it in a predetermined manner and extent, in a short time, and reverting to its original state as soon as the stimulus is removed. In the present context, the structures have been instrumented with smart piezoelectric material based sensors, which inform the status (here dynamic characteristics) to the user.

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Lack of rescources has always been a hurdle to perform experiments, especially when they involve sophisticated and expensive instruments. Also, good teachers are always a scarce resource. Web-based and video-based courses address the issue of teaching to some extent. Joint experiments by two participating institutions and also sharing costly resources has always been a challenge. With the present day internet and computer technologies the above limitations can no more hamper students and researchers in enhancing their skills and knowledge. Web enabled experiments can be designed for remote operation and viewing so as to motivate the students.

The Civil Engineering Department tries to provide the service of Virtual Laboratory via this website. Two types of experiments are covered: Remote trigger type (Experiments 1 to 4) and Simulation type (Experiments 5 to 8)



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